10 Smoking Girlfriends


Starring: Cassie and Marissa
Nicki and Kaitlyn
Emma and Ava Grey
Willow and Roxeanne
Nene and Demi
21:00 long

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WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 321 MB

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Here are 10 of USA Smokers each smoking together with their sexy friend.
Willow and Roxeanne start off with Willow teaching Roxeanne some of her smoking tricks.
Emma and Ava Grey sit across from each other powering through their cigarettes.
Demi and Nene kick back relax and smoke together.
Cassie And Marissa snuggle up close together as they enjoy their cigarettes.
Nicki and Kaitlyn look great smoking together as Nicki atempts to show Kaitlyn how to snap inhale.
Sexy smoking from these 10 pretty smokers.