13 Smoking Girlfriends


32:43 long

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This video contains 6 scenes starring 13 of USA Smokers sexy models. These girls are friends and have a fun time talking and smoking cigarettes together.
1st scene is Diamond & Carmen, they look really pretty as they talk about random stuff and smoke.
2nd scene is Ava & Georgie, class has begun and Ava tries to teach Georgie how to snap inhale.
3rd scene is Violet & Mayze, these cuties talk about what to eat after the shoot and their feelings about this shoot.
4th scene is Stella Rose & Dolly, the are looking great as they each attempt some of their smoke tricks.
5th scene is Amber, Mary & Renae, three beauties laughing, smoking and talking about random stuff and having a great time.
6th scene is Leah & Sara, these two soft spoken girls talk about hair styles and other random stuff looking adorable.

13 pretty smoking girlfriends doing what they love to do, hang out with friends and smoke cigarettes!!