4 Pretty Smokers


24:41 long

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 739 MB


4prettysmk g

Here are 4 of USA Smokers most popular smoking models; Jenna, Serenity, Sophia and Citlali looking incredible smoking cigarettes for you. Jenna and Serenity team up to demolish cigarettes in two scenes together, Serenity smokes a Marlboro Red in one scene and a Newport in the other and Jenna smokes Newports in both scenes.
Sophia and Citlali love smoking together as they talk and laugh in one scene both smoking Marlboro Reds, they stand around smoking and looking  sexy as ever in the other scene with Sophia smoking a full flavor Parliament and Citlali smoking her Marlboro Red.
Each model smokes 2 cigarettes in 2 scenes, the scene with Jenna & Serenity smoking on the sofa and the scene with Sophia & Citlali standing  and filling the room with smoke are each filmed from two angles are included for a total of 6 smoking scenes.
Awesome smoking from 4 beautiful heavy smokers!!!