Alyce Smoking In Fur Coats


11:42 long x 2

MP4 HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 360 MB x 2
MP4 Lower Resolution (1280 x 720) 184 MB

Second angle view is included
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Heavy smoking woman Alyce is looking pretty as she wears fox fur coats and smokes cigarettes in two all new smoking scenes. She is done up nicely with her hair up Princess Leia style along with sexy long fingernails. She inhales her smoke deep and her chest moves up and down as she inhales and exhales, she also coughs a couple times. Alyce smokes 2 Marlboro Red 100s in two scenes, both scenes are captured from two angles and are included in a separate HD download. Sexy model Alyce looking glamorous in luxurious furs while enjoying strong cigarettes!!!