Amber Bombshell Sexy Smoker


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Gorgeous heavy smoker Amber is back in her all new smoking video devouring 7 cigarettes in 6 heavy smoking scenes including a chain smoking scene. Amber’s last full video was filmed over a year ago before she moved away, now she is back at age 22 looking incredible after another year of her heavy smoking habit. Amber said she is very happy to be back and shooting smoking videos, she can be a shy and reserved girl but does enjoy being able to show off for the camera a little bit. Her smoking style is awesome, powerfully smoking strong cigarettes with her deep audible inhales, some killer open mouth inhales, some double drags with a few while exhaling the first drag from her nose, audible exhales along with a few sexy RAYs and the beautiful eye contact along with her gorgeous smile. Amber smokes 3 Marlboro Red 100s and 4 Marlboro Reds, 2 which are smoked in her first chain smoking scene. She is dressed nicely and she also wears her bikini in one scene and a very sexy and skimpy outfit in her last scene showing off her incredible body. Each scene is captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Awesome sexy smoking from Amber, a beautiful babe that loves smoking cigarettes and smokes them very sexy with confidence and power !!!