Ava Grey Effects Of Smoking Q & A


14:36 long x 2

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Beautiful long time smoker Ava Grey has a fun time talking to you honestly about smoking and the effects of her habit. She answers a variety of questions submitted from fans as she chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s in her sexy smoking style. Captured from two angles and both are included in HD. Here are the questions:

How old are you and long have you been smoking?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
How long have you been smoking this much? Was there ever a period where you smoked more?
How do you feel you lungs have changed since you have been a smoker? What do you notice the most?
On days when you smoke more than usual, how do your lungs feel the next morning when you get up?
If your lungs could say something to you what do you think they would tell you?
Can you give a good example of where you really noticed being a smoker had started to affect you or slow you down?
Can you take a deep inhale of smoke and hold it in your lungs until it is completely absorbed?
What do you think your lungs look like since you have become a heavy smoker?
When was the first time you really noticed your lungs weren’t as strong as they used to be?
Do you ever feel guilty about what you are doing to your lungs by smoking?
Can you take a deep inhale of smoke by first exhaling your lungs entirely, so that the only air in your lungs is filled with smoke?
Can you do this again, but this time taking as many drags /pump as possible and then holding it?
While doing this again, can you discuss the damage that you feel the smoking is doing to your lungs?
Do you have a smokers cough?
If so, when do you notice it the most? has it changed over the years?
Do you play sports or exercise? If so, can you describe how smoking affects this?
Are you ever in a situation where you’re unable to physically keep up with people because of smoking?
When do you most notice the effects of smoking on your lungs?
Do you regret starting to smoke?