Ava Grey Sexy More 120s Smoking


15:17 long x 2

MP4 HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 469 MB x 2
MP4 Lower Resolution (1280 x 720) 239 MB

Second angle view is included
in a separate HD download


Sexy smoking woman Ava Grey shows off her smoking skills in her all new smoking video enjoying long brown More 120s in three new scenes. She smokes at the vanity touching up her makeup and putting on big hoop earrings in one scene. She stands around wearing glasses in a cute dress with her hair up for the first half then takes it down in another scene. She also just sits there looking pretty in a nice dress and smoking in her sexy style in the first scene. Ava shows off her sexy snap inhales, big drags, thick exhales, some dangling, deep inhales and lots of eye contact while powerful smoking the long brown cigarettes. All three scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Awesome sexy and heavy smoking from beautiful addicted smoking babe Ava Grey !!!