Ava Grey Still Smoking Sexy


25:17 long x 2

MP4 HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 771 MB x 2
MP4 Lower Resolution (1280 x 720) 395 MB

Second angle view is included
in a separate HD download


Ava Grey has been a smoking model for almost 6 years now and is still looking beautiful and still loves to show off her skilled sexy smoking style. She is back in her all new smoking video enjoying 6 cigarettes in 5 new scenes including a chain smoking scene. Ava shows off her awesome open mouth inhales, snaps, big drags, deep inhales, double pumps, long thick exhales, some nose exhales and a few exhales in your face. She smokes down three Marlboro Reds and three Red 100s looking at you and looking hot wearing a variety of nice outfits. All scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Awesome sexy smoking from Beautiful 31 year old committed smoker Ava Grey !!!