Ava Heavy Power Smoking Beauty


28:16 long

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Beautiful heavy smoker Ava Grey shows off her heavy power smoking skill in her new heaviest smoking video yet. Ava smokes seven cigarettes hard and heavy in six smoking scenes.
Ava starts off taking huge drags off a full flavor Parliament exhaling gigantic clouds of thick smoke standing up. Next she devours a long all white VS 120 with her usual hard drags looking sexy as ever. She moves on to a Marlboro Red 100 ripping it down with powerful double drags. Ava then enjoys another Marlboro Red 100 as she holds in the smoke for a while before exhaling, absorbing mass nicotine. Next Ava shows how a sexy woman can powerfully smoke a very strong filterless Pall Mall, she drags hard producing huge thick exhales. Ava finishes up powerfully smoking two Marlboro Reds at the same time.
Ava Grey is a very pretty woman with incredible smoking skills and can inhale massive amounts of thick heavy smoke into her strong lungs!!! All of this heavy smoking is no problem for Ava but it does make her cough a few times.
Awesome heavy smoking from this beauty!!!