Bree Chain Smoking On The Phone


14:29 long x 2

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Here is Bree in a custom video chain smoking while talking on the phone, first she talks to her friend while smoking a VS120 then she calls her new boyfriend and smokes a Marlboro Red 100 with mostly nose exhales. Here are the details of the custom:

Bree sits talking to her girlfriend on the phone about meeting a new boyfriend that loves her smoking and he wants her to teach him step by step how to smoke.  She can then go on about the topic of the dark side and how she thinks about it.  She tells her girlfriend that she is going to call him now.  She then calls this guy up as she continues to finish the first cigarette.

Once she has him on the phone she introduces herself to him again.  As she finishes her first cigarette, she tells him that she is going to light up another because her lungs need another.  She then continues to talk on the phone with him about meeting him at the studio where she will teach him to smoke as well as answer some of his questions he will send to her.

Captured from a front view and a side view and both are included.