Bree Detailed Dark Interview


23:27 long x 2

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Here is sexy smoking model Bree in the second part of the custom video “Bree Chain Smoking On The Phone” where she answers all the questions her new boyfriend has about her smoking while chain smoking 120s. She answers the first half of the questions while smoking a Saratoga 120 then she smokes a VS120 as she answers the rest of the questions. Bree has a fun time with the questions and she shows off her big snap inhales and mostly nose exhales. Captured from two angles and both are included. Here are the questions:

What is the proper technique when you spark a cigarette?

Do you begin inhaling immediately after you spark the cigarette?

Do you prefer using a lighter to spark your cigarettes

Do you need to keep your throat moist as you smoke, especially if you are chain smoking?

Will I develop a smokers cough and do you have one? Can I hear you cough?

How soon will I be become addicted and how long did it take for you to become addicted?

How many cigarettes do you spark in a day and how often do you smoke 3 packs a day?

Do you love the feeling of the smoke rolling into your lungs?

Can you feel the smoke filling your air cells bringing the nicotine to all over your body?

In the first custom you did for me I asked if you thought your lungs were black, and at that time you were not sure since you had just started to smoke. So what do you think they look like now, pink, dark pink, or tar black?

If there was a medical procedure that could remove the tar from lungs would you have it done?

If we were out at a club on your birthday and the club allowed smoking, how many packs would you smoke if we were at the club for 3 hours?

You said that you smoke the most out of all your girlfriends, how much more on average do you smoke then they do on a night out?

Have you ever tried to quit, or do you ever get tired or board of smoking or wish you never started?

Do you feel that the health risks from smoking are exaggerated?

When you show the bottom of the filters as they get black, do you think your lungs are filtering the smoke as well?

Can you do a few direct inhales?

Can you hold the smoke in until it gets all absorbed and much better does that feel compared to exhaling the smoke?

If you knew that I had a very strong interest in smoking what would you say to me at the end of the day after you have smoked 30-40+ cigarettes that day?

How many minutes does it take for you after you get up to spark your first cigarette of the day and how many minutes is it before you spark your second.

Do you feel sexy when you smoke, and especially chain smoking?

If you saw someone checking you out as you smoked, would you start to chain smoke for him to see his reaction?

If you had a one hour lunch break and the office you worked in did not allow smoking how many would you spark during your break (would you eat more or smoke more in that hour)?

Do you ever consider the condition of your lungs during the day as you spark up?

What time of day is your favorite time to spark up and at what point of the day do your find yourself chain smoking the most?

At first you said you did not have a smoking interest, has that changed?

What do you think of the guys that do have a smoking interest and what do you think of the dark side aspects of the interest?

When you are out partying with your girlfriends and drinking beer or wine, how many cigarettes can you chain smoke in a row ( example if you were out on new year’s eve night or your birthday)?

If a doctor ordered you to stop smoking, such as if you were pregnant, or had a bad cough, would you stop or continue to smoke regardless because your lungs love it so much?