Bree Power Smoking Gym Girl


12:21 long x 2

MP4 HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 376 MB x 2
MP4 Lower Resolution (1280 x 720) 194 MB

Second angle view is included
in a separate HD download

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Skilled heavy smoking model Bree shows off her power smoking abilities with 3 Marlboro Reds in two scenes in this custom video with the following scenario:

Bree loves to go to the gym and she always brings her cigarettes so she can smoke as soon as she finishes working out. But today she forgot them so she rushes home desperate for a cigarette and finds her pack. She sits down and powerfully smokes her first Marlboro Red in about 2 1/2 minutes which does give her some relief but one was not enough so she lights up another and powerfully smokes it down.
A few minutes later Bree needs another cigarette so she grabs her sports drink and kicks back to enjoy her Marlboro and a drink. After finishing, Bree leans back with a feeling of satisfaction.
Bree takes long drags with deep inhales, shows off some big snaps, does some talking exhales as she talks to herself about the gym and forgetting her cigarettes, performs some nose exhales, some double drags and the second scene she takes drags and then takes a drink before exhaling. The lighting shows off her massive exhales and the audio captures her deep inhale and smoking sounds. Captured from a close view and a wide view and both are included in HD. Awesome heavy and skilled smoking from beautiful smoking model Bree !!!