Cali Heavy Smoking Beauty


26:19 long

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Reintroducing pretty heavy smoking model Cali. She came over for a shoot last year and a few weeks later found out she was pregnant. Cali quit smoking while she was pregnant but now that she had her baby she is back to her heavy smoking habit. She said she smokes more now than she did before she had to quit for the 9 months.
Cali is a plus size model with large breasts a beautiful face and sexy lips who loves smoking strong Newport 100s cigarettes and Black & Mild cigars. Cali smokes Newport 100s in 5 scenes, chain smoking in one scene, and she smokes part of a Black & Mild cigar in one scene for a total of 6 scenes. Cali rips through her cigarettes with big drags and huge exhales, she really loves smoking.
Awesome powerful smoking from this pretty heavy smoker!!!