Candi Heavy Smoking Lady


16:46 long

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Introducing heavy experienced smoker Candi she is a 31 year old sexy woman who loves her cigarettes. She is usually at home taking care of her kids and was quite happy to get out and smoke her cigarettes for you. Candi looks innocent and younger than 31, she got back in great shape after having her kids but still needs to smoke her favorite Newports. She drags hard and inhales deep enjoying every drag and often showing off her pretty smile. Candi smokes 4 cigarettes in 3 new smoking scenes, three Newports and one Newport 100 are devoured by this friendly and confident smoking lady. She chain smokes 2 cigarettes in one scene that is split with first a wide angle and then a close up for the second cigarette, also one scene is captured from two angles and is included for a total of 4 scenes. Awesome heavy smoking from this pretty woman who very experienced in smoking cigarettes !!!