Carmen Adorable Heavy Smoker


21:18 long

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Introducing new smoking model Carmen. Carmen is a young cute heavy smoking babe who loves smoking all kinds of cigarettes. Working at a smoke shop allows her to smoke cigarettes all day long so she has developed quite the smoking habit for a cute 18 year old. She doesn’t look like a smoke fiend but this little smoker knows how to smoke strong and powerfully, taking large drags and inhaling the smoke deep into her lungs before exhaling.Carmen is a laid back chick with plenty of self confidence and very comfortable in front of the camera giving lots of sexy eye contact and smiles as she devours her strong cigarettes.
Carmen smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 scenes, two Marlboro Reds, two Newports, one Virginia Slim and one Marlboro Gold 100. She powerfully smokes her cigarettes down and looks totally adorable as she smokes her cigarettes for you.
Awesome smoking from this young cute heavy smoker!!!