Chantal Developing The Habit


31:44 long

WMV HD Video 720p (1280 x 720)  485 MB



Introducing super cute 18 year old new smoking model Chantal. This gorgeous girl looks like an angel and her friendly personality is as sweet as her looks. Chantal has only been smoking again for a couple months and is still learning how to be a heavy smoker. She tried smoking years ago but she went to a private religious school and her parents watched her like a hawk, so she could barely get away with it. Now that she has recently turned 18 she started smoking again and loves it. Chantal smokes 3 cigarettes in 3 scenes, each scene is filmed from two angles and all are included for a total of 6 smoking scenes. Chantal is not a heavy smoker…. yet, but she looks awesome smoking 2 Newports and 1 Parliament in her first smoking video. She is just developing her smoking habit and looks stunning in her skimpy outfits enjoying the process of becoming a regular smoker.