Citlali Smoking On Vacation


22:22 long

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 670 MB
WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 343 MB

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Beautiful Citlali came back to town to visit family and friends for the holiday season. She stopped by on her last day before heading to the airport with her gorgeous friend Sophia. In the first half of her new video Citlali smokes 3 Marlboros in 3 scenes with some nice audible deep inhales and loud exhales. The second half is a 12 minute scene with Sophia, these girls are all dressed up and looking glamorous as they start off sharing a hand rolled then they each light up a Marlboro. These two beauties talk and laugh as they enjoy smoking their cigarettes and their party favor both looking really hot!!