Deja Heavy Smoking Babe


20:32 long

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Introducing new sexy heavy smoking model Deja, she is 20 and loves smoking cigarettes. Deja is laid back and calm but she isn’t shy at all and looks at you as she powerfully drags and shows off her sexy snap and French inhales. She doesn’t rush through her cigarettes, she takes her time to thoroughly enjoy and savor her cigarettes, she likes to play with her hair and stares at you often with her sensuous looks. Deja uses matches to light up each cigarette and audibly inhales and exhales the smoke from her Marlboro Reds her usual brand. Deja smokes 4 Reds in 4 scenes, her friends Diamond and Carmen join her in one scene, the three pretty smokers laugh and talk as they enjoy their cigarettes, Carmen smokes a Newport and Diamond smokes a Parliament. You can tell that Deja is an experienced smoker by the way she handles her cigarettes and her natural
and sexy style of inhaling smoke deep.
Awesome sexy smoking from Deja a pretty girl who is a heavy smoker!!!