Holly & Citlali Smoking Friends


23:12 long

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Here is cute new 19 year old model Holly in her first smoking video, smoking solo and smoking with her girlfriend Citlali. Holly smokes 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, one scene has two camera angles for a total of 5 smoking scenes. She starts off smoking a Marlboro Red 100 filmed from a side view and a front view, next she smokes with Citlali and they both smoke long brown More 120s talking, laughing and having a great time smoking together. Holly smokes another Marlboro Red 100 as she does her yoga stretches, getting her heart pumping. Citlali and Holly then smoke together again, Citlali with a Marlboro Red and Holly with a long all white Marlboro 100, one again talking, laughing and having a great time. These girls love smoking and are quite entertaining as they smoke together.