Jenna Chain Smoking & Talking


27:13 long

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Jenna has plenty to say to you in her all new chain smoking video.while looking incredible as usual smoking 6 cigarettes in 3 scenes. She starts out in her first scene chain smoking 2 Marlboro #27s as she talks throughout about her passionate thoughts about smoking, smokers, men and non-smokers. Next Jenna challenges you to keep up with her as she rapidly smokes two cigarettes at the same time, she really wants you to smoke with her and keep up as she smokes a Red and a #27. The third scene she is totally mellow after crashing on my couch for hours before the shoot due to her partying all night the day before. She chain smokes two long all white Virginia Slims as she tells you all about her previous night of partying and her smoking modeling ventures.
Two of the scenes are split showing a wide angle and then a close up view of this beauty smoking sexy with her awesome snaps and open mouth inhales. Jenna is a real chick, down to earth yet eccentric and intelligent and she shows off her totally cool personality once again enjoying smoking cigarettes for you.