Jenna & Victoria Sexy Smoking Models


26:10 long

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Two of USA Smokers most popular models Jenna and Victoria meet for the first time and have a blast smoking cigarettes together. Both of these beauties really enjoy being smoking models and were each quite excited to meet and shoot together. They smoke and talk throughout the video with much of the talk on the subject of cigarettes and smoking.
There are 3 scenes in this new video, 1st scene they just met and stand around smoking Virginia Slims wearing classy dresses. The second scene they each chain smoke two Camel Crushes wearing sexy skimpy outfits with fishnets. The final scene they are relaxing together in casual outfits each smoking a Marlboro Red, the camera is roving and catches many angles on this scene.
Victoria & Jenna, two awesome snap inhaling beauties smoking and looking sexy as they enjoy smoking cigarettes together for the first time.