Katt Loves Smoking


24:38 long x 2

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Sexy smoking model Katt is back in an all new smoking video enjoying 6 cigarettes in 6 scenes including an interview about her smoking habits and history. Katt has always enjoyed smoking a variety of cigarettes and in this video she smokes all full flavor cigarettes, three Newports, two Marlboro Blacks and one Marlboro Red that she smokes in the sunlight. As usual Katt dresses up classy with her hair and makeup done nicely as she enjoys smoking her cigarettes. She hits her cigarettes hard and shows off some nice thick exhales and a few residuals while giving a lot of eye contact and looking pretty. All six scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download for a total of 12 smoking scenes. Sexy smoking from this pretty cigarette loving beauty Katt !!!