Kayla Dating A Sexy Smoker


1st Angle 12:53 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 386 MB

2nd Angle 12:38 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 378 MB


kayla-c1g kayla-c1-2g

Kayla shows of her sexy smoking in her first two custom scenes while looking beautiful. Here are the two story lines:

1st scene, you have been setup on a blind date with Kayla and she knows you like to watch females smoke cigarettes. You meet up at a nice place you chose because you know they allow smoking. She is a bit excited about the date since she was told you do like smoking women, she hasn’t met anyone before who does like smoking women and is a bit fascinated. She loves to smoke and is tired of dating guys who want her to quit and thinks its great that you find it sexy. Kayla lights up her Marlboro Red 100 and shows off her sexy smoking skills knowing you like it, at first she exhales her smoke off to the side then near the end she decides to blow some of her smoke right at you face.

2nd scene, you now have been on a few dates with Kayla and things have been going well. You are at her house sitting on the couch waiting for her as she gets ready for your date tonight. She comes in finishing up her Marlboro Red 100, sits down beside you and lights up another one. She really enjoys that you like smoking women and that she is free to light up and smoke anytime around you. Kayla loves that its so easy to get your attention by just lighting up a cigarette, loves that you always run to the store to fetch her cigarettes and take her to places that allow smoking. She now often blows smoke in your face since she enjoys it so much and she knows she has power over you because she is such a sexy smoker.

Both scenes are captured from two angles and are included. Kayla does a great job and talks throughout both scenes while smoking her Marlboro Red 100s in her heavy sexy smoking style!!!

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