Kayla Starts Smoking Cigarettes


25:40 long

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 767 MB
WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 375 MB

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Here is Kayla in a custom video chain smoking 2 Capri 120s dressed in business attire with a story line as follows:

Kayla has been dating a guy who recently in a conversation told her that he has a thing for smoking and likes women who smoke. She was surprised and thought that was rather unusual and to the guys dismay she doesn’t smoke and thinks it’s nasty. During a phone conversation with one of her best girl friends she tells her about her conversation kind of in a making fun of the guy way. Her friend smokes occasionally and asks if Kayla ever tried it. She hasn’t and to her surprise her friend thinks she should and thinks it’s a great idea and could make the relationship really hot and fun. She is hesitant at first but really likes the guy so she sits down with her laptop and looks at some smoking videos online and thinks it could be really hot actually. This intrigues Kayla and her friend had suggested Capri 120’s as a good choice for her so Kayla finally decides to pick up a pack after work and give it a try. So she comes home and lights up and her first inhale burns a little as she is experiencing smoking for the first time but she finds it relatively easy and starts to take bigger drags and deeper inhales as she gets used to it. After finishing her first cigarette she finds she actually really likes it and decides to smoke another. AS Kayla smokes her second cigarette she calls her friend and they talk about it. Kayla quickly learns snaps and OMIs and shows them off along with big drags and deep inhales as she smokes the second cigarette.

The first 9 minutes is Kayla talking to her friend, looking at smoking videos and coming home from work, the chain smoking is 16 minutes long