Kristi Bombshell 19 Yr Old Smoker


32:28 long

WMV DVD Quality Video (720 x 480) 434 MB



Introducing insanely smoking hot new model Kristi. Her face and smile are absolutely beautiful, her large natural breasts are breathtaking and her sexy legs complete the package…..Then to top it all off…she can really smoke!!!
Kristi smokes 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, each scene filmed with a side view and a front view for a total of 8 smoking scenes with Kristi. She smokes 3 Marlboro Reds and 1 Virginia Slim all the way down, even does some double pumps, with no stops or edits.
Kristi is a spunky 19 year old with a bubbly outgoing personality, she really liked smoking in front of a camera and likes knowing viewers will enjoy her performance. After filming a few clips she wanted to talk to the viewers so she talks to you about smoking in one scene while smoking a VS.
This beauty can just look totally cute and innocent one moment and then look like a sensual sex kitten as she enjoys inhaling the strong smoke deep into her beautiful chest. Kristi is gorgeous from head to toe and loves smoking, and she really enjoyed filming smoking clips.. Kristi an incredible pretty smoker!!!!