Kristi Heavy Smoking Babe Returns


28:33 long

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WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 437 MB

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Welcome back Kristi!! The beautiful fun smoking girl Kristi has been away for the last year and a half but she came back into town to visit and dropped by for a smoking shoot. Kristi is gorgeous, perfect smile and large natural breasts and this beauty loves to smoke hard on her Virginia Slims. Her smoking is really sexy with some snap inhales and a few sexy facial expressions after a nice hard drag and deep inhale. Kristi drags hard along with some double drags, audible deep inhales and exhales. She loves to have fun and smoke, she talks briefly and looks beautiful hitting her cigarettes hard. Citlali joins her for one scene where these two beauties show off cleavage in skimpy bikini tops and have a blast smoking together.
Kristi smokes 4 Virginia Slims in 4 scenes, the 3 solo scenes are captured from two angles and are included for a total of 7 sexy smoking scenes with this beautiful heavy smoking babe. Awesome heavy smoking from a sweet pretty cigarette loving girl!!!