Kristi Heavy Smoking Beauty


27:38 long +22 min of 2nd angle scenes in HD

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Gorgeous smoking babe Kristi is back in her all new smoking video showing off her smoking skills as she smokes 6 full flavor cigarettes in 6 new heavy smoking scenes. Kristi has been smoking a lot lately and in this video she powerfully smokes 5 Marlboro Red 100s and 1 Marlboro Red short. Kristi devours her strong cigarettes with some sexy snaps & OMIs, hard drags, some double pumps, very deep inhales, and thick exhales. She wears some sexy outfits, black gloves in two scenes along with her workout gloves in one scene as she curls her dumbbell while smoking, she talks to you briefly a few times but mostly just enjoys smoking her cigarettes. Five of the six scenes are captured from two angles and are included in a separate HD download. Awesome sexy heavy smoking from beautiful fun smoking babe Kristi !!!