Layla Rose Pretty Smoking Blond


21:32 long

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Introducing new pretty smoking model Layla Rose, one of Jenna’s hot friends. She is a beautiful 23 year old social smoker with a sexy smoking style. Layla usually doesn’t smoke cigarettes when she is at home alone but when she dresses up and goes out on the town she likes to smoke cigarettes. Layla is not shy and likes to show off the sexy way she smokes with nice snaps as she often looks right at you knowing that she is a sexy smoking woman. Layla smokes 3 cigarettes in 3 scenes, one scene she is joined by Jenna, and she¬†smokes one hand rolled while¬†wearing an elegant white dress for a total of 4 smoking scenes with this blond beauty.
Sexy smoking from large breasted pretty girl Layla Rose!!!