Mariah Cute Heavy Smoking Girl


23:49 long

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Introducing exotic new smoking model Mariah, she is half black half white,18 and really cute and really loves smoking cigarettes. Mariah started smoking quite young and still hides her smoking from her mom, hopefully mom doesn’t see this video because Mariah rips through her Newports quickly with one big drag after another to get her nicotine fast like she does in real life since she still has to hide it.
Mariah smokes 4 Newports in 4 scenes, three solo scenes of just strong smoking and one scene with Citlali where they talk about their smoking habits. The three solo scenes are captured from two angles and are included for a total of 7 smoking scenes. Mariah is very cute with a pretty smile and a spunky personality,  she smokes heavy and enjoys every drag. Great smoking from this cute young smoker!!!