Mayze Returns To Smoking


1st Angle 24:14 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 724 MB

2nd Angle 20:36 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 615 MB


mayze-c7g mayze-c7-2g

Sexy smoker Mayze is back in a custom video which is the sequel to her custom video “Mayze Decides To Start Smoking”. The story takes place 2 years after Mayze finally broke up with her boyfriend who she started smoking because of. A while before she broke up with him she quit smoking just because she knew it would piss him off even though she didn’t want to quit smoking. Now that he is long gone she is thinking about how much she liked to smoke and with some encouragement from her friend she decides to buy another pack of VS120s. After some hesitation she decides to light up one of her favorite cigarettes and take a big drag. Mayze instantly is experiencing the pleasure she used to get from smoking and really loves it. She calls her friend to let her know that she started up again and that they can now smoke together like they used to in the past before she quit. Mayze enjoys smoking her cigarette so much that she lights up another one and realizes that she is now a smoker again.
Mayze chain smokes 2 VS120s dressed up nice in her business outfit, stockings and high heels since she just got home from work. About halfway through she takes off her glasses and kicks off her high heels and relaxes with her cigarette. She smokes in her usual style with sexy snap inhales. She talks on the phone with her friend a little bit and talks to herself throughout about her starting smoking again.
Once again Mayze shows off her sexy smoking skills and her acting skills dressed up nicely and chain smoking two VS120s !!!

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