Mimi Sexy Smoking Woman


27:54 long x 2

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 834 MB x 2
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The second angle view is also
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Introducing sexy new smoking model Mimi, she is a 28 year old cosmetologist that loves to smoke Newport cigarettes. Mimi is a nicely built woman, laid back and friendly with plenty of confidence and very comfortable in front of the camera. Mimi has developed a sexy smoking style from years of smoking, usually performing nice snap inhales and some hands free cheek hollowing drags. She gives lots of eye contact and flashes her cute smile a few times as she enjoys smoking her cigarettes while wearing a variety of nice outfits and sexy fishnet stockings in two of the scenes. Mimi smokes 5 cigarettes in 5 new smoking scenes, three Newports and two Newport 100s while sporting two different hairstyles. Each scene is captured from two angles and both are included for a total of 10 scenes. Confident pretty woman Mimi showing off sexy smoking skills as she enjoys her favorite cigarettes !!!