Morgan Tattooed Pretty Smoker


26:00 long  x 2

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The second angle view is also
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Introducing new heavy smoker Morgan a pretty 29 year old woman who has been smoking a long time and prefers to smoke Marlboro Reds regularly, at least one pack per day. As an avid animal lover she works in an animal hospital taking care of dogs and cats always looking forward to her smoke breaks. She is a friendly woman but also a little bit shy and somewhat mysterious, very calm and laid back. She is a sensual woman with big beautiful eyes and looks at you often as she enjoys smoking her cigarettes audibly inhaling lots of smoke. Morgan smokes 7 Marlboro Reds in 7 scenes, each scene is captured from two angles and all are included for a total of 14 sexy smoking scenes. Sexy experienced smoking woman looking pretty as she enjoys smoking the cigarettes she loves to smoke !!!