Nadja Sexy Smoking Babe


17:07 long x 2

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 512 MB x 2
WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 250 MB

Second angle view is included
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Beautiful heavy smoker Nadja is back in her all new sexy smoking video enjoying 4 Marlboro Reds in 4 new scenes including a scene with her lovely friend Eva. She is looking fantastic and just a naturally sexy smoker. Nadja loves to smoke and performs a few snap inhales along with her deep inhales and thick exhales. Eva joins her for one scene and they hang out close to each other talking and smoking. Each of the 4 scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Awesome heavy sexy smoking from this gorgeous fun loving sexy smoker Nadja !!!