Paige Cute Smoking College Girl


18:14 long

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Introducing new heavy smoking model Paige, she is a 19 year old college girl and loves to smoke cigarettes. She is a funny chick and she is not shy at all often looking at you with her sexy eyes while she smokes. Paige smokes 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, she starts off with a Marlboro Red wearing shorts and a strapless bra, next she sucks on a lollipop and smokes an all white Marlboro Gold in her sexy lingerie and pigtails, then she smokes another Marlboro Gold up close and then Jenna joins her and the smoke together in their bikinis, Jenna a Newport 100 and Paige a Marlboro #27. Paige takes long drags and audibly inhales and exhales her thick smoke looking cute as she enjoys her cigarettes.
Awesome smoking from hard dragging college cutie Paige!!!