Pixie Cutie Smoking Camels


17:42 long  x 2

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pixiefull2g pixiefull2-2g

Cute quirky smoking babe Pixie is back in her all new smoking video enjoying smoking her favorite brand of cigarettes. Pixie has always been fond of smoking Camel Full Flavors and smokes them regularly, she also likes to occasionally smoke the original Camel Filterless cigarettes when she craves some extra nicotine. In her new video Pixie is looking adorable as usual and smoking Camels in 5 new smoking scenes, 3 Camel Full Flavor and 2 Camel Non Filters. Pixie looks at you often as she drags hard on her cigarettes performing some sexy open mouth inhales followed with large exhales of thick strong smoke. Each of the five scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Sexy heavy smoking from this cigarette loving innocent looking babe Pixie !!!