Preslie Chain Smoking Q & A


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Preslie is looking pretty as she chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s and answers questions about smoking in her new sexy chain smoking interview. Preslie has a fun and pleasant personality and she has a good time talking to you as she enjoys inhaling deep while smoking her cigarettes showing off some sexy snap inhales. Captured from a front view and a wide angle view showing off her nice legs and wedge heels and both angles are included in separate HD downloads. Here are the questions:

How many minutes does it take for you after you get up to smoke your first cigarette of the day and how many minutes is it before you smoke your second?

Have you developed a smoker’s cough?

So what do you think your lungs look like now, pink, dark pink, or tar black?

Do you feel that the health risks from smoking are exaggerated?

Do you ever cough while smoking a cigarette?

Do you notice any effects from smoking when exercising or going up stairs?

Have you ever had difficulty breathing?

If you saw someone checking you out as you smoked, would you start to smoke sexy for him to see his reaction?

If you had a one hour lunch break how many would you smoke during your break (would you eat more or smoke more in that hour)?

Do you ever consider the condition of your lungs during the day as you smoke?

Do you hold the smoke in longer when you have not had a cigarette for a while and really want one?

If you only had a light cigarette would you smoke it different than your regular full flavor cigarette?

Have you ever taught someone how to smoke?

Did you know about the smoking video interest before becoming a smoking model?

What do you think of the guys that like watching smoking videos?

How does it feel knowing you are a very popular smoking model?

Do you smoke different when making a video than you do in real life?

Do you think you have strong lungs?

Would you give up smoking for a boyfriend?

Would you stop or reduce your smoking if you had a bad cold or fever?

Do you think you smoke too much?

 Do you get stressed out by the idea of running out of cigarettes?

At what point do you buy a new pack of cigarettes, completely out, a couple left or half pack left?