Preslie Custom Smoking Scenes


25:33 long x 2

MP4 HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 776 MB x 2
MP4 Lower Resolution (1280 x 720) 401 MB

Second angle view is included
in a separate HD download


Here is sexy smoking model Preslie looking beautiful smoking cigarettes showing off some sexy inhales in five custom smoking scenes with the following details:

1st scene: Preslie just arrives late to your executive job interview and is nervous and anxious about getting the job. She asks you if she can smoke a cigarette to calm her nerves and lights up her Marlboro Red 100. After a couple drags her demeanor quickly changes to confident and sexy and buy the end of the interview she is telling you her demands for the job and exhales her smoke in your face.
Next she smokes another Red 100 with mostly nose exhales and lots of dangling with nose exhales also a little bit of talking. The strong lighting shows off the thick smoke nicely.
She has another Red 100 sitting in a white tank top and does lots of dangling while putting her hair up and then down a couple times.
For the fourth scene she smokes a Marlboro Red as she exhales for distance, strings are hanging to measure the distance at 2 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet. Shot from a side view with strong light to show off her long thick exhales.
The final scene Preslie lights up a Red 100 as you sit on the ground looking up at her. She knows you like watching her smoke and love to have her smoke exhaled in your face. She is a tease though and smokes sexy for you exhaling some of her smoke at your face and some away from you.

All five scenes are captured from two angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Sexy smoking and some pretty good acting in the first scene from beautiful smoking babe Preslie !!!