Preslie Sexy Chain Smoking Q & A


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Preslie is looking smoking hot dressed in her classy outfit with high heels as she chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s and answers a bunch of questions about her habits and thoughts of being a smoker. She has a good time talking to you in her calm and smoky voice while she smokes in her sexy and skilled smoking style. The video is captured from a front view and a wide angle side view showing off her nice legs and heels and both angles are included in HD. Here are the questions:

How much do you smoke a day lately and have you ever smoked more than three packs in one day?  If so, why and how did your lungs feel the next day?

How did your lungs feel the first time you inhaled?  Do they still feel full when you smoke?

How many minutes after you wake up in the morning does it take for you to have your first cigarette?  And how many do you smoke with breakfast?

If you already knew that I have a smoking interest, especially a chain smoking interest and we were at a bar or dance club that allowed smoking, what would you wear and how much would you smoke if we were there for 3 or more hours?

You know that I have a dark side interest, what would you say to me at the end of the day about your lungs after you have smoked 30+ that day?

If you took a one hour car ride on the highway, how much would you smoke during that time?

Do you ever get tired or bored by smoking during the day, or is it a joy every time you light up?

Do you think your lungs are pink, dark pink, or black?

Do you ever smoke more than one cigarette at a time, especially if it’s been a long time since you smoked?

If there was a medical procedure that could clean out the tar in your lungs would you have it done, why or why not?

What is your favorite part of smoking- the drag, inhale, hold in the lungs, or exhale?

Do you cough in the morning and during the day?

Can you take a 5 second hard drag then inhale it deep to the bottom of your lungs and hold it in till the smoke disappears?

What kind of exhale do you prefer?  Do you like to do nose exhales/French inhales?

When you are chain smoking how good does this make your body and lungs feel?

What is the largest number of cigarettes you have chained together?

Do you prefer full flavor high tar and nicotine cigarettes over lights / ultra lights,,,,what is the difference between them that you feel?

Have you ever quit or tried to quit or do you ever want to quit?

If your lungs could speak to you what do you think they would say?

How has smoking improved your life?  Do you feel more mature or confident being a smoker?

After you put out a cigarette how soon does your body and lungs crave for another one?

When you have a cold do you still smoke and could you go a day without smoking?

When you are out drinking and chain smoking, how many minutes do you go between the next light up and how good does the smoke in your lungs mix with the alcohol you are drinking?

Do you run or work out?  Do you feel how much you smoke when you try to run?  How soon after a workout do you smoke or have you ever stopped in the middle of a workout to smoke?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night to smoke?  How many times and is it every night?

Is it important to you for your boyfriend to be a smoker?

What kind of clothing and style do you think goes with a cigarette for you?

Do you always tend to smell like smoke, especially your hair?