Quinn Starts Smoking Cigarettes


1st Angle 19:57 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 596 MB

2nd Angle 17:14 long
WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 515 MB


Sexy smoking cutie Quinn is looking adorable in this custom video chain smoking 2 long all white Misty Menthol 120s wearing thigh high boots, a black turtleneck sweater and plaid schoolgirl skirt. She smokes the first one sitting with her glasses on showing some nice open mouth inhales then smokes the second one and calls her friend to tell her all about it while enjoying smoking. The smoking part is captured from two angles and both are included. Here is the story line:

Quinn is a high school student and her mom is a smoker. She wants to smoke badly and her mom has a suspicion that she does as well and it’s only a matter of time. One day after school she comes home and her mom isn’t home. She knows she probably can’t hide it if she starts so she makes a bold leap and calls her mom and asks her if she can have a pack of her VS 120 menthols. Her mom is slightly taken aback but not surprised in the least. Her mom started very young and since she knows Quinn will do it anyway if she says no, so she happily agrees with the condition that she can smoke as much as she wants but no drinking or anything else. Quinn is super happy and her mom tells her where she can go get a pack. Quinn grabs it and goes to her room to enjoy. She lights up and since they are menthols and she’s been around her mom so long she deeply inhales her first drag and it’s no problem for her and she absolutely loves it. She immediately has another one after her first. She can do snaps from watching her mom plus long deep inhales and long pauses before exhaling as well as nose exhales and normal exhales.