Renae Beautiful Smoking Mom


20:26 long x 2

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Pretty model Renae has come back after a couple years since her last shoot looking a little more grown up and mature now that she is 21 and also now a mother. She did quit smoking while she was pregnant but the stress of being a single mom has made her pick up the habit again. Renae is looking quite beautiful now as a brunette and she is enjoying being a smoker again. This video contains 6 scenes, 5 are brand new and one scene is an old unreleased clip of her at 18 with blond hair. The five new scenes she smokes Marlboro Reds and the old scene she is smoking an all while Marlboro. Each scene is captured from two angles and all are included for a total of 12 sexy smoking scenes. Beautiful smoking model Renae enjoying her cigarettes and relieving her stress that being a mom can bring !!!