Sasha Chain Smoking Q & A


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Beautiful smoking model Sasha chain smokes two Newport 100s in her new custom interview video answering in detail 23 questions submitted by one of her fans. Sasha was in a great mood and has a fun time talking to you, sipping on her wine and smoking her cigarettes with her sexy snap inhales and a few talking exhales. The video is captured from a front view and a side view and both views are included in HD. Here are the questions:

1) How many cigarettes do you smoke on an average day?

2) How many years having you been smoking that much?

3) What drives you to smoke the most: to satisfy your addiction, smoking is part of your routine or just the pleasure of it or something else?

4) Once you start feeling an urge to smoke, how long do you usually go before you light up?

5) When you can’t have a cigarette when you want one, how do you feel/act?

6) Do you ever chain smoke? If so, why do you feel like one cigarette is not enough?

7) What is the difference in sensation when you exhale through your nose vs. your mouth?

8) What is the difference in sensation when you inhale deeper and/or hold the smoke in your lungs longer?

9) Sometimes there is residual smoke that continues to be visible several breaths after a smoker has exhaled. Why does that happen and does it feel different than when you’ve fully exhaled the smoke?

10) If cigs were free and there weren’t any laws/rules against you smoking anywhere, how much would you smoke? What would determine how much you would smoke? For example: (Social stigma, after X cigarettes it isn’t pleasurable anymore, health concerns, etc)

11) Do you ever feel like you’ve smoked too much (in one sitting or over the course of a day)? If so, what makes you feel that way?

12) When you first started smoking what did you tell yourself to justify the health risks? Has your justification change?

13) Do you have a smokers cough? What does that mean?

14) Do you feel out of breathe or any other negative effects of smoking? How does that make you feel?

15) Are you honest with doctors about your smoking?

16) Have you ever tried to permanently quit? (if so, see below)
– How long were you able to be a “non-smoker”
– Did you have ‘cheat’ cigarettes or were you able to truly quit?
– Why did you start again?
– Did you make any deals with yourself when you started again? Like limiting how much or when you smoke? Have you kept that deal?

17) If in 20 years you find yourself as a non-smoker, why do you think you would have quit?

18) If you had a boyfriend who tried to get you to quit smoking, how would you react?

19) You know smoking is unhealthy for you, but you do it anyway. Does knowing the health risks take away from the pleasure – or is it like skydiving where the risk is part of the enjoyment?

20) Do you feel sexy when you smoke? If so, why?

21) If you had a boyfriend who liked watching females smoking, and asked you to smoke more, would you? How much more would you be willing to smoke for him?

22) How would you feel about someone who is supposed to care about you asking you to do more of something that is unhealthy?

23) If you thought your boyfriend had an unadmitted liking of watching females smoking, what would you do to try and coax out the truth?