Serenity Heavy Pretty Smoker


35:40 long

WMV HD Video 720p (1280×720) 477 MB
WMV DVD Quality Video (720×480) 301 MB

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Introducing super cute new heavy smoking model Serenity, she is 19 and already a heavy smoking, cigarette loving girl. Serenity is really laid back & cool , very confident with herself and is quite the impressive sexy young lady. She has been smoking for 5 years and said she smokes about a pack and a half of Marlboro Red 100s daily and judging from her smoking capabilities, I think she is telling the truth.
Serenity smokes 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, each scene is filmed from two angles and are all included for a total of 8 smoking scenes, all with no edits or cuts and smoked all the way down to the filter.
She starts off with a super strong Parliament full flavor, smoking in the sunlight she takes huge drags and exhales enormous thick clouds of smoke that go on and on. Next she kicks back with her favorite Marlboro Red 100 looking very pretty and enjoying her cigarette in her strong smoking style. For the third scene Serenity powers through a Newport as she lounges around in the sunlight also exhaling humongous thick clouds of smoke. The last scene has her in a classy cocktail dress with her hair up looking quite elegant hitting hard on her Marlboro Red 100.
Awesome heavy smoking from this pretty little smoking machine!!!