Sophia & Citlali Sexy Smoking Girlfriends


26:30 long

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WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 405 MB

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Citlali came back in town for a visit and brought Sophia with her to the shoot. Sophia starts out looking at her beautiful self in the mirror then Citlali comes over and gives her a Red, lights it up for her and kicks back as Sophia enjoys her cigarette. Next these beauties kick back and each smoke a cigarette together as they talk about Sophia’s failed attempt at quitting smoking. Then Sophia finds a song she wants to see Citlali dance to, so she plays the song and Citlali dances and smokes as Sophia watches and tips her money at the end. Next they each enjoy cigarettes as Sophia plays with Citlali’s long beautiful hair and braids it for her while dangling her cigarette. The final scene is the close up second angle of Sophia watching herself smoke in the mirror. These two fun beauties always have a great time making smoking videos together.