Stacey Sensual Smoking Woman


30:31 long x 2

WMV HD Video 1080p (1920 x 1080) 912 MB x 2
WMV DVD Quality Video (960 x 540) 445 MB

The second angle view is also
included in a separate HD download


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Introducing sexy new smoking model Stacey, she is a 27 year old heavy smoker who loves to smoke and has been smoking for well over 10 years. She has gorgeous eyes and looks at you often as she enjoys smoking and putting on her sexy smoking show. Stacey is very friendly, confident and comfortable in front of the camera, having been a model for many years, and she loves to entertain. She is a naturally sensual woman and she is quite sexy while she smokes her cigarettes with long drags and deep audible inhales, a few snaps and french inhales along with a few coughs and then the sexy looks she gives.  Stacey smokes 5 Marlboro Red 100s all the way down in 4 new smoking scenes including a seductive chain smoking scene. Each of the four scenes are captured from two angles and is included in a separate HD download. Pretty woman Stacey loves smoking and is very sexy while she smokes for you !!!