Tiana & Citlali Smoking Exotic Babes


25:55 long

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Citlali brings over her friend Tiana for a smoking shoot. Tiana is a sexy 25 year old half black & half Filipino exotic cigarette smoking beauty. She loves smoking Newports and inhales very deep and often holds it for a while letting the smoke absorb. You can tell by the way Tiana holds her cigarette and her deep inhale style that she is a very experienced smoker.
These two sexy smokers each smoke 4 cigarettes in 4 scenes, they each do 2 solo scenes and 2 scenes together for a total of 6 smoking scenes. Tiana smokes 3 Newports and 1 Newport 100, Citlali smokes 3 Marlboro Red 100s and 1 Parliament full flavor.
In both duo scenes there is plenty of chatting and the girls try a few smoking tricks, and of course Citlali is quite the character and goofy as usual and damn, she looked stunning for this shoot.