Victoria Beautiful Young Smoker


24:38 long

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Introducing super pretty, powerful smoking model Victoria. She is 19, beautiful and loves smoking cigarettes. Victoria is a very cool laid back chick, friendly and smart, she is a college student and works part time as a hostess at a nice restaurant. She started smoking about 5 years ago and has developed a awesome smoking style, she pulls hard on the cigarette making a pop sound with the drag then inhales the smoke as deep as she can and forcefully and loudly exhales her strong smoke.
Victoria smokes 6 Marlboro Reds in 6 scenes looking beautiful and smoking powerfully in each scene and she has the most perfect sexy lips for a smoking model. She is very self confident and comfortable in front of a camera, she looks at you with those gorgeous eyes as she enjoys her favorite brand of cigarette.
Awesome strong smoking from this young beautiful cigarette loving girl!!!

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