Vivi Adorable Sexy Smoking Girl


30:01 long

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Introducing super cute new smoking model Vivi, a 21 year old hair stylist who doesn’t look like a smoker but she sure loves her cigarettes. Vivi is one of those really sweet & friendly girls, polite and intelligent as well, she likes to dress nice and loves doing hair at the salon she works at but is always looking forward to her cigarette breaks. Although Vivi has never modeled before she is quite natural & comfortable in front of the camera, looking at you often and she shows off her beautiful smile and some sexy cute facial expressions as well. Vivi has a varied inhale style, sometimes just a audible deep inhale and she also does some really sexy snap inhales in her own cute style.
Vivi smokes 7 cigarettes in 7 sexy smoking scenes, she smokes 6 Marlboro #27s (her regular brand) and 1 Marlboro Red. She is a fun girl and you can tell she enjoys smoking her cigarettes for you having a fun time being cute & sexy as she looks at you knowing you are enjoying watching her smoke.
Sexy smoking from a pretty girl with an innocent look and sexy smoking style!!